About Us


Newbridge Baptist

Who We Are...

Built in 1930, we are situated right beside the Kingfisher Country Park along the banks of the RIver Cole.  We are a small, friendly congregation with a big heart and enjoy a rich mix of all ages and nationalities.

We enjoy contemporary worship with instruments and have Sunday School for children and young people.


What We Believe...

  1. We believe in the Lordship of Christ that sets us free to be our true selves.
  2. We believe in the authority of the Bible as the word of God.
  3. We believe in believers' baptism by immersion because it expresses a truly personal faith.
  4. We believe in a free or believers' church because it is a genuine expression of Christian community and consists of people who have made a covenant commitment to each other.
  5. We believe in the priesthood of all believers because it affirms the place of all Christians in the worship and service of God.
  6. We believe in the importance of church membership and church meetings as one of the places where the will of God is discerned.  All members take responsibility for the life of the Church.
  7. We believe in being interdependent and interconnected because we need each other and each church needs other churches.
  8. We believe in sharing our faith, as a people of conviction, and welcome others to become one of us.
  9. We believe in religious freedom because only free faith is true faith and all should have the freedom to come to their own conviction.
  10. We believe in the virgin birth of our Lord, Jesus Christ.